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ZOZIK GROUP’s looking for HSE
Specific Responsibilities:

• Provides HSE leadership, training, and operational support to all levels of the organization and across all functional groups.
• Understand and implement the company safety policy.
• Appreciate the responsibilities of personnel under their authority and ensure that each employee knows his/her responsibility and are equipped to play their part.
• Works closely with Engineering.
• Perform site visits on regular basis to ensure all safety measures and regulations are implemented per company standards.
• Prepare HSE related documents such as response plans, new safety regulations, etc. as required.
• Ensures emergency response systems, policies and procedures are in place to manage emergency situations.
• Provides hazardous material/right to know training and MSD management.
• BS degree within experience in an HSE leadership role; safety, engineering, or equivalent science degree.
• Experienced at developing and implementing customer-focused services and programs.
• Excellent English language and writing skills required
If you are interested, please send resume (with the title HSE in the subject line) to: info@zozikeng.com
Deadline : 20 / 11 / 2020


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