HSE Review Template ( HSE Docs Library)

It is Company Management responsibility time to check the Implementation Health & Safety Policy on the Ground is it implemented or not.

The Main Content of the HSE Review Template are:

  • Name of Project/ Works
  • Date of Visit
  • Vistors Name


  • Observations
  • Is HSE program visible; are warning signs, HSE policy and HSE instructions adequately displayed?
  • Is a facility for HSE induction available and records being maintained?
  • Is the use of personal protection gears such as safety helmet, safety footwear, safety goggle and safety harness apparent?
  • Is the condition of scaffolding, ladders and work platforms satisfactory?
  • Are openings and other potential fall points appropriately protected or barricaded and marked?
  • Are earth leakage circuit breakers (ELCBs) installed (if required)?
  • Are electric equipment earthed properly?
  • Are distribution and switchboards properly insulated?
  • Are electric connections proper and without bare conductors visible?
  • Is the condition of cables satisfactory?
  • Are combustible and inflammable materials properly stocked to prevent fire hazards?
  • Is housekeeping on-site being taken care of?
  • Are first-aid room adequately equipped and medic available?
  • Are the maintenance records of machinery and equipment available?
  • Are lifting equipment and lifting gears fit for the purpose?
  • Is fire fighting equipment adequate and serviceable?
  • An overall general assessment of the premises:     GOOD          FAIR           NEED IMPROVEMENT
  • LEGEND:1: Excellent2: Good3: Acceptable4: Needs Improvement5: Serious Deviation

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