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HSE Docs | HSE Risk Assesment Confined Space Entry

HSE Docs for HSE Professionals for the HSE Risk Assessment for the activity for Erection & Removal of Trays, Thickness monitoring, Internal Cleaning & dismantling of scaffolding & relevant arrangements in Column.

HSE Risk assessment covers overall tasks including first-time column entry, detailed gas testing, and entry of execution body, internal cleaning And inspection of the vessel, thickness monitoring test, and internal scaffolding.

The hazard Covered in this HSE Risk Assessment is

  1. Oxygen Deficiency
  2. Poor illumination
  3. Power failure in Confined Space
  4. Electrocution
  5. Awkward ingress & egress
  6. Striking of S/F material with the internal components Slip, trip, fall due to S/F material shifting
  7. Falling objects
  8. Scaffolding collapses
  9. Emergency situation in Confined Space

General Comments :

  1. TBT will be conducted prior to job start
  2. Proper PPEs are mandatory for all workers
  3. Housekeeping of the area should be carried out on a prior basis
  4. Supervisor full-time must be available
  5. Stand by vehicle/Ambulance must be available at the site to rescue the victim

Abbreviations used in HSE Risk Assessment

  1. SPA: Single Person Accountable
  2. GCM: General Conversation Meeting
  3. CSA: Confined Space attendant
  4. ELCB: Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
  5. DB: Distribution Board

See the Image Before Download this File in MS Word and edit them as per your requirements

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