Test Your Knowledge about Crane Inspection

Welcome to the Crane Inspection Knowledge Test! We're excited to have you participate and put your expertise to the test.
In a crane inspection, what should you ensure regarding the crane's tires or tracks (depending on the type of crane)?

What is the primary purpose of inspecting a crane for safety?

During an inspection, you find that the crane's load chart is missing. What should you do?

What should be inspected on the crane's boom?

What is the recommended action if you find a loose or missing bolt during a crane inspection?

When inspecting a crane's outriggers, what should you check for?

What is the purpose of inspecting the crane's counterweights?

Which type of inspection should be performed before each use of a crane?

During a crane inspection, you find significant wear on the crane's hook. What should you do?

During an inspection, you notice hydraulic fluid leaks on the crane. What action should you take?

What is the purpose of load testing in crane inspections?

What type of documentation should be available for the crane operator during an inspection?

In a crane inspection, what should you verify regarding the crane's brakes?

Which type of inspection is typically performed by a qualified third-party organization to ensure crane safety compliance?

When inspecting a crane's wire ropes, what are you looking for?

What is one of the first things you should check during a crane inspection?

When inspecting the crane's control system, what should you verify?

What is the final step after completing a crane safety inspection?

During an inspection, what should you check for regarding the crane's emergency stop system?

What is the purpose of inspecting the crane's electrical components?

Thank you for participating in the "Test Your Knowledge about Crane Inspection" – your engagement is greatly appreciated!
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